A lot of violence has been witnessed over the last few days of Ramadan. Many civilians have lost their lives, many kids have lost their wills to live, homes have been seized, buildings have been bombed, and hospitals are no longer able to accommodate injured civilians. With the rise of states normalizing ties with oppressors, here’s what you could do..

A 32-year-old autistic Palestinian man was shot and killed by Israeli Police on 30 May 2020.


After the breaking news of George Floyd’s death, and millions marching the streets of the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Britain, and other countries seeking justice; a cruel, and silenced incident led by Israeli officers that took place in Jerusalem rises. Eyad Al-Hallaq, a 32-year-old Palestinian man with a mental disability in Jerusalem killed by Israeli soldiers claiming that he had a gun and was a threat to them.

He had been tracing the same path every morning to the center for six years…

An ongoing stereotype of Asia, specifically, the Middle East.


Edward Said, a Palestinian American professor of literature at Columbia University, a public intellectual, and a founder of the academic field of postcolonial studies developed the word orientalism. Said defines orientalism as the West’s representations of “The East” — the societies and people who inhabit the places of Asia, North Africa, and specifically the Middle East. Upon reading his book “Orientalism”, I came across how the “Orient” originated in the first place. “The Orient was almost a European invention and had been since antiquity a place of romance, exotic beings, haunting…

Discrimination against women in Islam as opposed to pre-Islamic states.

Activists protest against the Trump administration and rally for women’s rights on International Woman’s Day, 8 March 2017 in Washington DC. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Origin of gender inequality

Islam and pre-Islamic-Arabian states are incompatible. Many misunderstand this today. With the rise of fake news, articles, and surprisingly books on how Islam mistreats women and causes gender inequality, many think that Muslims carried these harsh and uncivilized practices. Customs and beliefs Arabs held prior to Islam are not held by Muslims today nor were they when Islam was born.

Many types of research showed gender inequality in states across the Globe, over many years, and under several civilizations. Violence against women was a primary matter in many states. Yet…

Abdelwahab Alenezi

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