Women in different religions and civilizations

Discrimination against women in Islam as opposed to pre-Islamic states.

Activists protest against the Trump administration and rally for women’s rights on International Woman’s Day, 8 March 2017 in Washington DC. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Origin of gender inequality

Islam and pre-Islamic-Arabian states are incompatible. Many misunderstand this today. With the rise of fake news, articles, and surprisingly books on how Islam mistreats women and causes gender inequality, many think that Muslims carried these harsh and uncivilized practices. Customs and beliefs Arabs held prior to Islam are not held by Muslims today nor were they when Islam was born.

Ancient philosophies

Plato and Socrates were known to be the greatest philosophers and thinkers during their era. Yet, we tend to take the good they did and reject the absurd claims they've made against women. “The evil, coward and corrupt spirits of men are the ones from which women were created.” — Plato. “The existence of the woman is the main reason and source of crisis and destruction in the world. The woman is like a poisonous tree, her appearance is beautiful but when birds eat from it they die immediately.” — Socrates.


In China, violence against women was not fully recognized as a social problem until after the Third World Women’s Conference in 1985. A 2005 report found that at least 20% of wives in China had been abused by their husbands. (American journal of public health)

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